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Tickets for Ayr International Short Film Festival 2015 are now on sale!

Ayr International Short Film Festival was founded by ELGATO Film Productions. This is the 2nd year of the film festival will be taking place on Friday 3rd July 2015 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available online for only £5 directly from: http://ayrisff.com

From more than 1200 film submissions, there will be 12 international films shown on the evening of the film festival at Crumbs and Cocktails, Ayr. This is going to be a great night of film and we hope you can be there too!

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We Need Your Help For Our Next Short Film – The Sleeping Fields!

Our main passion is producing short films this is something that we really enjoy. All of the funding for our short films comes from our own pocket. If you would like to support us by donating for our next short film The Sleeping Fields we would really appreciate it! As well as donating we want to give something back to our wonderful sponsors, here are the following perks that you can enjoy by donating:

  • Donate anything between £1 – £5 and we will credit you in our next short film The Sleeping Fields!
  • Donate between £10 – £19 and we will not only credit you in The Sleeping Fields but also give you an official poster of the film where your name will also appear!
  • Donate £20 or more and we will give you a free ELGATO Film Productions T-Shirt, a credited poster of the film, a Producer credit on IMDB and list you as a Producer in the end credits of The Sleeping Fields!

For you to take advantage of any of these perks, you can donate to our next short film here: http://tiny.cc/s6uvwx



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Christmas Coca Cola Truck Visiting Ayr – 2014!

Merry Christmas From ELGATO Film Productions!

Please feel free to check out our video above to watch the Christmas Coca Cola Truck visiting Ayr in November 2014! We really enjoyed creating this video and it felt very nostalgic as the Coca Cola lorries are very reminiscent of Christmas for many people! We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from the whole ELGATO Film Productions team and here’s to a great 2015!


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My Purpose in Life

poster my purpose

ELGATO Film Productions
My Purpose in Life

Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Alberth MG
Starring Daniel MG & Ian Kennedy
Assistant Producer M.K Law
Colourist Simon Lyell
Graphics by Angelica McHarrell

My Purpose in Life is a story about a young boy who has lost his Grandfather. He lives with his Mum and Step-Dad and he is faced with an uncomfortable situation. The only place he can hide is the ruins of a building where his Grandfather used to take him.

Our latest short film My Purpose in Life is now live on YouTube! This film was written by our Director Alberth MG. This story was inspired by the special bond that he has with his Son Daniel MG as he believes that his purpose in life is his Son.

This is a very different genre to our previous short films, where as our other short films have been around the horror/drama genre. This film is more upbeat inspiring and family orientated. Alberth wrote the story for this project very quickly. It was decided that Daniel should be in the film as this was very important due to the nature of the story. We decided to ask actor Ian Kennedy to play Daniel’s Dad as we have previously worked with Ian in I Confess and Skeletons in The Closet and he is always a pleasure to work with! We then started to look at some locations in our local area. We knew that the location needed to be somewhere old and derelict but these places are hard to access. Our original idea was to possibly film at Ardeer Ammunitions Factory but unfortunately when we went to scout the location we found that it was near impossible to access easily by car and as we carry a varied amount of equipment it was not feasible.

Then our Colourist Simon Lyell came with the idea of possibly using Dunaskin Ironworks that was an abandoned factory. We unfortunately didn’t get the chance for everyone to come and see the location before filming so on the first filming day we went up there with a very small crew and our two actors. We were still unsure as to if we could gain access but that is what our type of filmaking is all about!


This project was filmed over a period of two days at Dunaskin Ironworks. The first day was a bleak day with rain due at any time, however we were all in awe of this wonderful building and the area surrounding it. But we just decided to make our way up there and get as much as we possibly could filmed. As we had a very small crew of only 3 people this made the process much simpler. We filmed for a few hours and got the majority of the scenes filmed before the rain started coming down very hard and we were forced to abandon filming before our equipment was destroyed.

A week later we returned to film the final scenes needed in the ironworks. This day was the total opposite it was a beautiful sunny day. We were slightly worried that the footage would not match from the week before, but when it came to editing it actually worked perfectly. On the 2nd day we filmed the intro and outro and re-shot a couple of scenes, this was a particularly memorable day for our team filled with lots of laughter and happiness!


In our original script we had a lot more scenes for the introduction but when we got back to our base and watched and started to edit the footage we actually realised that we didn’t need any of the extra scenes as the footage that we did have was more than enough and fitted together perfectly.

After editing, Simon then worked his magic with the Colour Grading to bring out the beautiful colours in our film. This is a project that we are very pleased with as we love the sweet hidden meaning behind the film. We decided to release the film on May 19th 2014 as this was Daniel’s 11th Birthday!

We really hope that you have enjoyed our latest short film and we will be bringing you more content in the future!