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The Countdown to Ayr International Short Film Festival 2015!

We are the founders of Ayr International Short Film Festival. We are holding our next event on July 3rd 2015! We are holding the event at Crumbs & Cocktails, 18 Smith Street, Ayr KA7 1TF at 7:30pm. We have received an enormous 1500 submissions, from this number we have selected 12 fantastic short films which we can’t wait to share with you. Short filmmakers work tirelessly to produce short films with little or no help and we are very proud to be able to celebrate this at our film festival. As well as the 12 chosen films we will also be showcasing some local Scottish films! Tickets for our film festival can be bought here for only £5: www.ayrisff.com

We have been very lucky to be able to collaborate with many local businesses without their help, it would be very difficult for us to hold our film festival. For the past 2 years we have worked with the Ayr Film Society. This organisation has a great programme of international feature films that are shown in our local town of Ayr every year. You can check them out here: www.ayrfilmsociety.co.uk We are very grateful for their support!



We Need Your Help For Our Next Short Film – The Sleeping Fields!

Our main passion is producing short films this is something that we really enjoy. All of the funding for our short films comes from our own pocket. If you would like to support us by donating for our next short film The Sleeping Fields we would really appreciate it! As well as donating we want to give something back to our wonderful sponsors, here are the following perks that you can enjoy by donating:

  • Donate anything between £1 – £5 and we will credit you in our next short film The Sleeping Fields!
  • Donate between £10 – £19 and we will not only credit you in The Sleeping Fields but also give you an official poster of the film where your name will also appear!
  • Donate £20 or more and we will give you a free ELGATO Film Productions T-Shirt, a credited poster of the film, a Producer credit on IMDB and list you as a Producer in the end credits of The Sleeping Fields!

For you to take advantage of any of these perks, you can donate to our next short film here: http://tiny.cc/s6uvwx



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Christmas Coca Cola Truck Visiting Ayr – 2014!

Merry Christmas From ELGATO Film Productions!

Please feel free to check out our video above to watch the Christmas Coca Cola Truck visiting Ayr in November 2014! We really enjoyed creating this video and it felt very nostalgic as the Coca Cola lorries are very reminiscent of Christmas for many people! We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from the whole ELGATO Film Productions team and here’s to a great 2015!


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Skeletons in The Closet Trailer

A Short Film by Alberth MG

Skeletons in The Closet centers around Ben Aitken. He is a lonely quiet man since losing someone close to him. Ben works in an office alongside Sandra Brown and her Daughter Rebecca Brown. Sandra in his eye’s is the perfect woman. But what will happen when this obsession is taken too far?

Directed by – Alberth MG
Written by Margaret MG
Screenplay by Nicola Smith
Starring James Todd, Becky Waugh & Olivia Seaton-Hill
Assistant Producer – M.K Law
Sound by Adam Robertson
Translated by Luis Eduardo Garcia
Storyboard by Nicky Drain
Make Up by Mandi Anderson
Clapperboard by Ryan Maloney
Behind The Scenes Photography by Jenna Laird
Colourist Simon Lyell
Graphics by Angelica McHarrell

Thanks to Zoë Smart, Sandra Cairney & Ayrshire Cancer Support

Thanks to our sponsors:
The Gaiety Theatre
Riverside Community Workshop
The Basement Coffee House
Minuteman Press
Vennal Cameras
Crumbs & Cocktails

On November 8th 2013 at 7pm GMT we released our trailer for Skeletons in The Closet. As you can see from our previous blogs, this is a project that we are very proud of and we have been working on this for 18 months so it is great to finally release our trailer after all this time. Please check out the trailer above and share with all your friends and family!

On January 24th 2014 we are holding our screening of Skeletons in The Closet for the public. We will be holding it in Ayr, Scotland UK where we are based. The event will be hosted at Crumbs & Cocktails, 16 Smith Street, Ayr. Tickets will be priced at only £5 and can be bought in advance from Crumbs & Cocktails! As well as the film, we will also be showing the behind the scenes and we have local band The Hostiles supporting the event with some great music! Please come and join us and support the community of film makers!



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The Making of I Confess

poster i confess 6

I Confess is now live on our ELGATOFilmPro channel on YouTube ready for Halloween. Every year we try to create a sketch for Halloween, last year we created The Girl Who is Sitting Next To Me. This year we have been very busy with the production of our second short film Skeletons in The Closet, but we came up with a crazy idea while in post production to try to create a Halloween sketch. We knew we were limited for time but this is something that we really wanted to do and our passionate team were raring to go!

The adaptation for I Confess comes from a story written by our Director Alberth MG many years ago in London when he first came to the UK. He wrote the story in his native language of Spanish which was ‘Lo Confieso’ meaning I Confess. This is something that Alberth wrote in a toilet cubicle while working in London, this was his place to escape from reality and a place to gather his thoughts. This is where the idea for I Confess came from but we obviously adapted it to make it far worse than the original story and to add a twist to it.

We approached our Script Writer Nicola Smith and discussed with her the ideas for I Confess and we asked her to adapt the story with some more ideas that we had. I Confess the way you see it now on screen was born. When we received the script from Nicola we really liked it and we knew we could pull it off. The next step was to decide who we wanted to play in this. We knew that as we were limited to time, we could not hold auditions. But in all honesty we don’t tend to hold auditions for sketches we just go with who we think will fit the roles. As our actor Daniel MG had not appeared in anything since our last sketch A Christmas Wish we wanted him to be part of this. Daniel is a great young actor and was thrilled to be involved.

Our young actress Olivia Seaton-Hill from Skeletons in The Closet expressed an interest in I Confess and we really enjoyed working with her so we were excited to work with her once again! For the role of the main character we had to have someone who we felt could pull of the character and they had to be very feisty and a strong character. For this our Colourist Simon Lyell who is also a film maker had used his best friend Ian Kennedy for his own films. Ian is not a professional actor but he is very passionate and enthusiastic, we are always wanting to give people chances that they wouldn’t get elsewhere so we met Ian and realised that with the right direction he would fit the part well.

Next we set up rehearsals, mainly for Ian so that we could explain to him what we wanted from his character. Director Alberth MG showed him by improvising with him and explaining to him the intensity of the character.


After one quick rehearsal two days later we were filming. We filmed the sketch in two locations over one day. This was a very long day but it all went very smoothly and everyone was in great spirits. We were very lucky on this project to have a sponsor for food for our cast and crew from Jasmine Chinese Takeaway. They went above and beyond the call of duty sending us a huge amount of lovely Chinese food! We always seem to fall lucky with our sponsors.

After filming we went straight into editing and cutting the film. Our music was royalty free and coincidentally the track that we chose was Confession, which we felt was fate as it fitted perfectly. Editing came with its issues but these things always happen and that is how we improve in the future. From I Confess we have learnt that more rehearsal time is very important to achieve the results that we want.

Once editing was complete, we sent the footage to our Sound Engineer Adam Robertson for him to work on the post audio. We received this a few days later and we were completely blown away by how good the audio sounded. This always happens as Adam is great at his job and he adds so many acute sounds but it makes our work look great!

Before we could upload the completed sketch to YouTube we needed our video thumbnail, banner and poster to be created. This is a long process that was completed by our Graphics Designer Angelica McHarrell. She works very hard on our graphics and the end result was fantastic! We released the sketch and poster on Friday 18th October 2013 in time for Halloween. We were incredibly lucky to receive such a positive response on our YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter!

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s Halloween sketch and we look forward to creating many more sketches and short films in the future! Please feel free to share our sketch with your friends and family, we really appreciate the support!


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Rehearsals for Skeletons in The Closet

On the 6th and 7th August we held rehearsals for our new short film Skeletons in The Closet. The space was kindly provided to us by Ayr Gaiety who are one of our sponsors for this project.

On the first day, we were joined by two of our cast members, unfortunately one of our cast members was on holiday and wasn’t able to make it for the first day of rehearsals. We were also joined by members from our team including Simon Lyell, Jenna Laird, and Mandi Anderson.


Firstly, we had a table talk to introduce the cast and crew to each other. We also discussed two more rehearsal days before we begin to film in September. Afterwards, we did a first full read through of the script  while telling the rest of our cast and crew scenes that we had deleted or changed. This has been a long process of myself and our Director Alberth MG constantly reading over the script and figuring out what we can and cannot film, due to our budget. One of the main points is that we wanted this script and film to look and feel natural and realistic. Therefore, anything in the script that was fake and unnatural was immediately taken out.Before rehearsals we had also sat down and gone through the list of shots for each scene so that we can compile the storyboard.

After a table reading, we also went through the script with the actors beginning to act out the parts , with Alberth explaining to them what he wanted to see. While all of this was going on we also played some settled violin music in the background this was to get the actors into character.


Today our new make up artist Mandi Anderson also trialled some make up on our younger actress for the dramatic scenes.

On day two of rehearsals, all our cast were present along with the majority of our crew apart from our sound engineer. Once again we had a table talk and updated everyone on the new changes, we also did a full read through of the script again. We also handed out the call sheets for day 1 of filming.

We also did some exercises similar to the work from Stanislavski. Alberth asked us all to lie on the floor and he put the violin music up to a high volume while he walked around us telling us to imagine a scenario that he was explaining to us. This was to help us to relax and to take our minds to another place to use our imagination in a different way.

Afterwards we did rehearsals with the cast of all the dialogue from the script so that we can see how it is going to look when we come to film in September. From here Alberth directed the actors to show them exactly what his vision was. The actors also brought some of their own ideas to the table which we fully support.

After two exhausting days of rehearsals, we were all exhausted but a lot more clear about the script and filming etc. We will be meeting again in a few weeks for some more rehearsals. We will be updating more about our journey of making our second short film in the very near future!

Written by M.K Law

Producer of ELGATO Film Productions