We Need Your Help For Our Next Short Film – The Sleeping Fields!

Our main passion is producing short films this is something that we really enjoy. All of the funding for our short films comes from our own pocket. If you would like to support us by donating for our next short film The Sleeping Fields we would really appreciate it! As well as donating we want to give something back to our wonderful sponsors, here are the following perks that you can enjoy by donating:

  • Donate anything between £1 – £5 and we will credit you in our next short film The Sleeping Fields!
  • Donate between £10 – £19 and we will not only credit you in The Sleeping Fields but also give you an official poster of the film where your name will also appear!
  • Donate £20 or more and we will give you a free ELGATO Film Productions T-Shirt, a credited poster of the film, a Producer credit on IMDB and list you as a Producer in the end credits of The Sleeping Fields!

For you to take advantage of any of these perks, you can donate to our next short film here: http://tiny.cc/s6uvwx