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Our Newest Members of ELGATO Film Productions

This week has been an exciting week working on the pre-production of our next short film ‘Skeletons in The Closet’. At the beginning of the week myself and Director Alberth MG sat down over Skype for another full reading of the script. The purpose of this was to colour code our script to ensure that we do not miss out on any scenes. This is due to time constraints when we are filming in certain locations, as if we miss a certain scene it may prove very difficult to go back to the location and film it without any issues. We also took a note of all the extra props that we would need for the film such as a watering can, vintage objects from the 1950’s and 1960’s, an old briefcase, old mirrors etc.

The next day after going through the script we went to visit our newest sponsor Nae-Sae-New which is a collectibles and second hand emporium shop. The owner Gary Donis was very enthusiastic about our new short film and he is supporting us by providing us with props and transporting them from location to location. This is very beneficial for us as the items that he sells are similar to the set and the feel that we are looking for. In return we are going to help him to promote his business.


This week we were very fortunate to be able to add two new people to our team. Firstly, we had a meeting with photographer Jenna Laird, she will be joining our team as our Behind The Scenes Photographer. Her role is to capture the great moments of our film making process.She is also going to come to our Ayrshire Filmakers Showcase next week to take some photos for our event. We are really looking forward to working with Jenna!

ImageOur second meeting was with Simon Lyell. He is a Director himself that will be appearing in our Ayrshire Filmakers Showcase next week with two of his films. He contacted us in regards to a cameraman position that we advertised for. After speaking to Simon at the meeting, we soon realised that he was very passionate about film making. This is very important to our team so we invited him to be part of ELGATO Film Productions. Simon will be filming our behind the scenes of the making of Skeletons in The Closet. We are honoured to have two new team members for our new production.

At present we are now organising and getting ready for our Ayrshire Filmakers Showcase which is next week on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July 2013 at 7:30pm at The Gaiety Studio Theatre, we will update you on this in our next blog!

Written ByM.K Law  (Producer of ELGATO Film Productions)


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Here is Our Next Short Film ‘Skeletons in The Closet’!

We have been very busy working on many of our services recently for our clients including transfers, editing, photography etc but the time has come for us now to focus all our efforts on our new short film ‘Skeletons in The Closet’.

We held auditions on the 6th June at The Gaiety Studio Theatre who donated the space to us as they are one of the sponsors for our short film. The auditions went very well and we found our two actresses who we believe are perfect for our production. At this time we unfortunately did not find our chosen actor for our leading role. This is a role which we found very hard to cast as we had a certain image in our head of how we wanted our actor to act the role and how we wanted him to look. But we knew that in time we would find our chosen male actor.

After auditions we contacted our two actresses to let them know they had been successful at auditions. They are two great local actresses from Scotland known as Olivia Seaton-Hill and Becky Waugh. But then the hard search came at trying to find our leading man. We watched many showreels from local actors searched through many outlets before coming across the showreel of James Todd. He is a local actor that we knew of from Ayr where ELGATO Film Productions are based. His showreel was great and we knew that he fitted our image perfectly for our leading role. So we contacted James to arrange a meeting and private audition at our studio.

As soon as we met James and we talked to him on a personal level we knew he would fit in great with our team. When we audition for a role we don’t only look at the acting ability but we also look for how passionate they are about what they do and we observe their character to ensure reliability and how they would work with our team. We knew that James would fit in well and he could pull of the character of Ben Aitken perfectly.

Now that we had our main actors and also the actors for the leading roles, it was time to look at locations. We knew this film would be very different to our first film ‘Reflections’. For our first film we only needed one location which was a house. But for ‘Skeletons in The Closet’ we would need many locations including a garden, the exterior of a very creepy quirky old house, an old bedroom from the 1960’s era, a living room, a bathroom, a cemetery and offices.

Therefore, straight away this was already a challenge for myself and our Director Alberth MG. The first location that we approached was a local charity shop in which we asked them if we could use some of their space to re-create an old bedroom as they had very old closets that we could use.

We were looking for an office location and everywhere we looked at wasn’t suitable or there were insurance issues etc. So we decided to approach our local council of South Ayrshire. We had previously been advised not to ask the council because they would just say no. But we believe that if you don’t ask you don’t get. Firstly, we approached Kirsty Darwent who is the Councillor for Ayr West and she is very passionate about the arts and culture here in Ayr. Kirsty put us in touch with Louise Fyfe at South Ayrshire Council who was very interested in our project. Louise believed it was very much a possibility for us to use some of the council buildings here in Ayr to film. We went for a meeting to discuss with Louise our options. Firstly we looked at the county buildings then in the afternoon we went to view some offices at another local council building. We decided to use the location for the offices in the second location that Louise showed us. The office is a great location, very big with lots of light, a great corridor and it fits our storyline very well. The office workers were very enthusiastic about us filming in there and were more willing to be part of our project. This just goes to show that if you don’t ask you don’t get! We are very happy to have the support and sponsorship of South Ayrshire Council!


Our next step was to look for our perfect cemetery. We have many creepy cemetery’s here in Ayrshire. First of all we looked at the Auld Kirk of Ayr but we decided that the graves and the cemetery were to dated for us to film here. We then progressed onto our next cemetery which is the largest one here in Ayr. This one is definitely a possibility. We also have our eyes on a couple of cemetery’s in Alloway which again is old but it is a great looking cemetery and will look great on film. For now we are keeping our options open.

Our final location came from a local business man that we know who has offered his house to our project. The house in question is a very old creepy quirky looking house with a large garden at the back. As soon as we saw this location we knew it would be perfect for this project.

Now we have our locations we can move onto rehearsals. We had many options from our sponsors for a location for our rehearsals but we decided to hold them at The Gaiety Studio Theatre. We will be holding them there in August and we are looking at finally starting filming in September. Our job between now and September is to get all our crew on board for the project and to organise all props etc. We will update you on this very soon!

Written By

M.K Law

(Producer of ELGATO Film Productions)