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Reflections – Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes of Reflections – A Short Film By Alberth MG

Here is the long awaited behind the scenes video of ELGATO Film Productions latest project, a short film – ‘Reflections’. The footage here was filmed in February 2012 over the 2 days of shooting Reflections. This is ELGATO Film Productions 1st short film. Many people went into the making of this video. This project was for the community and with the community. Our project is very unique in that the people that make up ELGATO Film Productions are very varied, we have some with great knowledge in their field and we had people who had little knowledge about film making. The most important part of this project was that everyone who was involved were fiercely passionate about film making, this resulted in a great end product that we are very proud of!

The story centres around a young man conveying the atmosphere and claustrophobia of life and friendships gained and lost. The story borders on the fine line between addiction and mental illness caused by obsession of past actions and reactions. Born from a deep rooted fear to a sense of realisation, culminating in a dramatic tragi-poetic ending.

Director – Alberth MG
Written by Robert Maitland
Assistant Producer – M.K Law
Assistant Director of Photography – Brian Would
Translated By Pamela Vicencio
Camera Operator – Lorna McAdams
Camera Operator – Nick Quinn
Location Sound Recordist & Audio Post Production by Adam Robertson
Music by Elijah ToleX & Chris Dooks
Behind The Scenes Photography – Mark Ferrier
Make Up by James Clark (Cazcarra)
Runner – Zoe Smart

Daniel (Actor) – Alan Maclean
Aaron (Actor) – Sandy Jack

Behind The Scenes Video Filmed By M.K Law and Lorna McAdams

Behind The Scenes Video Edited By Alberth MG

Produced by ELGATO Film Productions

The following music has been used with express permission:
ToleX Elijah – Reflections Soundtrack – https://www.facebook.com/Elijah.ToleX
Chris Dooks – Conversation With a Boy – http://www.dooks.org/styled-13/
Private Reflection – http://incompetech.com